Car Accident Trauma Counselling

Are you suffering psychologically or emotionally following a motor vehicle accident?

Following your road traffic accident are you left with:

  • Fear of driving?
  • Panic attacks?
  • Suffering from nightmares and flashbacks?
  • Increased stress trying to cope with everyday things?
  • Feeling guilty or worried about others who were injured or killed in the accident?
  • Loss of self esteem and financial hardship because you cannot return to work?
  • Persistent physical pain that is affecting your intimate relationships?

The emotional impact from a car accident can be traumatic. 

Your car accident has impacted your life on many more levels than you could have imagined and you find yourself at a loss to know how to cope. Even though you know your friends and family are doing their best to help you, they don't really seem to understand and you sense their frustration. You are wondering when your life will get back to normal and fearful that it might not ever be the same again. You may even be experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Healing the psychological trauma from a motor vehicle accident is possible.

You can resolve your current problems, rebuild your sense of personal power and move beyond this difficult time.

With counselling you can:

  • Resolve your fear and drive with confidence again.
  • Overcome panic attacks.
  • Put an end to nightmares and flashbacks.
  • Manage your stress and take back control of your life.
  • Gain peace of mind working through your difficult feelings.
  • Rebuild your self esteem and return to work.
  • Understand the emotional impact of pain and rebuild your relationship.

Through counselling I have helped many clients resolve emotional and psychological trauma - including PTSD - due to a car accident.

I have worked as a physical therapist with clients injured in car accidents and listened while they told me of the many ways their accident impacted their life - from their struggle to deal with their emotions and cope with persistent symptoms of shock to the ways the accident changed their relationship and work life, and how it brought them face to face with death.

From this experience I realized that physical healing from a car or motor vehicle accident is not complete until the emotional and psychological issues have also been resolved. Inspired to learn more about the psychology of healing I furthered my education in counselling and studied the fields of body-centered psychotherapy and trauma. I believe this gives me a unique background to understand the struggles you are experiencing following your accident.

"I have been working under the guidance of Barbara for quite some time. Personally, I don't think I'll ever stop seeking advice from this wonderful woman.

An MVA led me to Barbara, first for physio then for counselling therapy. I was experiencing acute pain from whiplash, which caused me to go into shock. "Fear of the pain", from a physical point of view, brought me to realize the emotional pain I was experiencing in my life.

I have undergone dramatic changes in my life since then. Barbara helped me develop and nurture important tools needed to live a "peaceful" and productive lifestyle. I am forever blessed to have the innate knowledge I developed with Barbara's guidance.

Barbara has a gentle strength that enables her clients to delve deep into the psyche and heal the past, while learning to enjoy the precious gift we call "the present".

I now know how to "set boundaries", use visualization and positive affirmations. My life is good!"  Sincerely written ... by a current client.

If you are having ongoing challenges resolving the effects of the car accident and getting back into your life, as a counsellor, I can help you.

Find out more about counselling following car accident trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on my How I Work page.

Please call my voice mail - 604.838.6048 - to schedule a no-charge 15 minute telephone consultation. Let me know the best times to call you back to discuss your problems and explore how we can work together to solve them.

If there are privacy concerns to consider when I call back, please let me know how best to deal with them.

Registered Clinical CounsellorI look forward to hearing from you.

Barbara Picton B.S.R., M.Ed., RCC.
Registered Clinical Counsellor (# 842)

Suite 200 - 1892 West Broadway, Vancouver (at Cypress).
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